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PIER - Protection, Integration and Education for Refugees
in Greece, Italy and Austria

The PIER Program supports cultural and socio-economic integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in three receiving countries: Austria, Greece and Italy. It encompasses different types of assistance aiming at their improved protection, education and integration, with particular focus on helping children, youth and young adults.

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ARSIS Greece

ARSIS Greece is a non-governmental organization, specializing in the social support of youth who are in difficulty or danger. Further ARSIS actively advocates their rights. The organization´s main target is the prevention of youth marginalization, the elaboration of policies, which defend youth rights and the active social sup-port towards disadvantaged young people.


Caritas Italiana

CARITAS ITALY was founded in 1971 to promote charity with a commitment to raising public awareness. The umbrella organization encompasses 220 diocesan Caritas associations in Italy, committed to support the most vulnerable people in their daily activities. Together, they focus their activities on different forms of poverty, social exclusion ...


Caritas Österreich

At the start of the 20th century, Caritas Austria began its purpose to help those in need. The organization´s first action was to give food and clothing to alleviate the suffering of the people during and after the First World War. More than a century later, Caritas Austria’s broad scope of programs underscores the enduring commitment to prevent and ease the hardships of the poor.


July 30 – World Day against Trafficking in Persons – Children: victims of human smuggling and trafficking

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20 percent of human trafficking victims worldwide are children; in certain areas of Africa and Southeast Asia trafficked children even make up the majority of the victims.


1 Year PIER Program – Protection, Education and Integration for Refugees in Greece, Italy and Austria

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The PIER Program, initiated by Caritas Austria with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation, offers aid to refugees at their arrival in a host country, during their orientation and integration: 16,987 people received support.


Inauguration of the new ARSIS Youth Support Center in Thessaloniki

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Since the beginning of June 2017, the Youth Support Center has been transferred to two new, renovated, locations, these being 9 Spartis Street and 40 Ptolemaion Street, thus continuing to be a structure of direct social intervention and support for children and young people.