Data Protection Declaration
Current state: 27.08.2018

It is of utmost importance to us in all areas of business that your personal data is protected in regards to elicitation, processing and usage when you visit and use our website.

Table of content

  1. General
  2. Contact
  3. Collection and storage of personal data
  4. Usage and disclosure of personal data
  5. Right to information, amendment, deletion or restriction of processing data, to dissent as well as transferability of data
  6. Data Protection
  7. Website analysis & cookies
  8. Logging of emails
  9. Social media
  10. Publication of data
  11. Updating our privacy policy

1. General

As the programme managers of PIER, we, the Caritas Österreich/Caritas Austria (called Caritas in the following), feel obliged to protect your personal data – from collecting and processing data to storing it – in the best way possible and will do so with the highest diligence.
This privacy statement is only concerned with the website of the PIER Program. Individual sites can refer to internal and external hosts which are not covered by the privacy statement at hand. Hence, the Caritas does not assume liability for these contents or the usage and processing of data in these terms.

2. Contact

The following organisation is responsible for the handling of data.
Caritas Österreich (Caritas Austria)
Storchengasse 1/E1 05
1150 Vienna
Tel.: +43/ 1 488 31-400
Mail: office(at)
Data Protection Officer: Josef Himmelbauer privacy(at)
Information in regards to the handling of data according to Art 13 and 12 GDPR
In the following you will also find information on how we use your data, how and why we collect your data and to which extent this data collection is undertaken.

3. Collection and storage of personal data

For technical reasons your browser transmits the below listed data to our webserver automatically every time you visit our website. Saving these data serves technical and statistical purposes only so that we can e.g. analyse the frequency of visits on our website or determine technical failures of our servers. The following data will be collected and analysed:

Any further personal data, such as name, post code, email address or business related data will only be collected if you provide them voluntarily. On our website this information can only be disclosed via our contact form.
Our contractors are allowed to use this information solely to perform their tasks and are obliged to abide by the Austrian data protection regulations.

4. Usage and disclosure of personal data

Personal data you provided is only used for technical administration or to deal with your concern.
If you gave your consent to process your personal data further, the data will only be processed for the purposes set out in the declaration of consent; the extent will not be exceeded.
Your data will only be passed on to those Caritas offices and employees respectively who need the information to fulfil their contractual, legal or supervisory duties and have a legitimate interest.
In regards to the technical and organisational implementation of our website we also draw on selected data processing companies. By contract, these companies are bound to treat your data as confidential and only process it in the context of their service provision and as instructed.
Caritas Österreich (Caritas Austria) is part of a consortium. In order to fulfil its extensive duties the Caritas also cooperates with related companies. This is a legit interest of Caritas Austria (recital 48, GDPR).

5. Right to information, amendment, deletion or restriction of processing data, to dissent as well as transferability of data

You have the right to information, amendment, deletion or restriction of processing your stored data at any point. Furthermore you have both the right to object the processing of the data, and the right to data portability according to legal prerequisites of the data protection law.
You can file complaints at your local data protection authority.
Greece: Hellenic Data Protection Authority,
Italy: Italian Data Protection Authority,
Austria: Austrian Data Protection Authority,
All European Data Protection Authorities can be found here:

6. Data Protection

The protection of your data in our systems is of utmost importance to us. Our aim is to govern your data with highest diligence and take the needed technical and organisational safety measure that prevent your data from getting lost or misused.
The access to almost all our websites is secured with HTTPS if your browser supports SSL. That means that the communication between the terminal device and our servers is encrypted. However, we want to point out that we cannot guarantee confidentiality of the transmitted information if you want to get in touch with us or our staff members via email. Email content can, due to their technical conception, be examined by third parties unless you have taken specific technical safety measures.

7. Web analysis & Cookies

In order to analyse and improve the structure and navigation of our website which are also catered to your needs, we use analytics tools on our website.
This website uses Google Analytics which is a service for web analysis by Google Inc. (“Google”). This service uses Cookies – no data – that are saved on your computer and enables us to analyse our website. The Information about the usage of our website which is collected by using Cookies makes it possible to analyse the general usage of the website and compose reports about the website-activities. Hence we have the ability to optimise our website on the one hand and on the other we are capable of providing more services that are website and internet related.
The information on the website’s usage that was generated by Google Analytics with the help of Cookies – including the anonymised IP-addresses – is sent to a Google Inc. server in the USA.
The anonymisation is done by deleting the IP-address’s last eight Bit. This makes it impossible to clearly assign the generated information to a specific IP-address. The information is passed on to authorities or third parties if such action is legally required or if third parties are acting as service providers for Google.
Even though certain browser settings enable the user to prevent that Cookies are saved, certain features of our website might not be available to you anymore if you refuse to agree to the saving of Cookies. With the usage of our website you automatically agree that Google Analytics is used. Further information on Google Analytics can be found here: Information on Google’s privacy policy can be found here: You can also read on how to prevent the usage of Google Analytics and the concomitant data transmission to Google here:
Furthermore we use Cookies to make our website as user friendly as possible. Cookies are small text files that are filed on your device in order to recognise you if you use our website again. Cookies can be stored permanently or just for one session. Two kinds of Cookies are used: necessary Cookies to be able to provide basic features of the website, and target-oriented Cookies that help us to optimise the structure and navigation of our site. This also improves the service quality. For both of these Cookies the IP-address is shortened immediately and hence anonymised so the information cannot be traced back to you.
That means that there is no personal data generated or analysed and the information is not linked to such data either. You can also prevent the installation of all kinds of cookies through appropriate browser settings. If you choose such settings some of our features on the website might not be available to you anymore.

8. Logging of emails

We save protocol data in regards to email traffic to ensure the recognition of malware on the one hand and proper system and information security on the other. If you send an email to one of the email addresses below we save the following data: email and IP-addresses of the sender and the recipient, number of recipients, subject, date and time when the data arrives at the server, filename of attachments if applicable, size of the message, classification of the risk in terms of spam and status of delivery. In a first step emails are only checked in an automated way. Is there a suspected risk for the IT-systems’ security, selected emails are manually checked by people responsible.

9. Social Media

We integrate various services of social networks through social media plug-ins und iFrames on our website and also operate social network platforms respectively. This refers to Youtube.
Where possible, we prevent data transmission to theses services. Only if you click on an icon of one of these services and therewith actively access the before mentioned, your IP-address as well as Cookies will be transmitted. The services will then learn that you visited our website with your IP-address. Please be aware that we do not have any assured knowledge or influence how and which particular data will be transmitted to these services. With activating and using a social media plug-in you therefore agree with the concomitant transmission of your personal data to the selected services.
Newest information on the kind of data, the purpose, extent, usage and protection of your data by these networks as well as your concomitant rights in these regards can be learnt from the privacy statements of the respective service provider. According to our information these are the following. We do not guarantee, however, that the information provided is correct or complete.
Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Data Privacy Statement Google (YouTube und Google+):

10. Publication of data

As a matter of principle we do not publish the data we were provided with, nor do we provide it for other users. Some website-features’ purpose is, however, to publish certain data and provide other users with it as well. Should you use such a feature and would publish your data by clicking on a particular button, you will both be notified before such action is taken and your consent will be explicitly obtained too before you can publish/provide any data.

11. Updating the privacy statement

We reserve for ourselves to adapt the statement to technical developments and legal changes where applicable, and update it if we offer new services or products.