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Exploring new ways for integration in a digital world

Foto: Migrant_Milan_c_Stefano_Schirato, Credit: Stefano Schirato © Stefano Schirato

Young refugees and migrants accommodated in Caritas reception centers are supported by staff and volunteers in using the opportunities given by modern technology to facilitate their integration process and become more independent and active members of their local communities, empowering them through education and better knowledge on opportunities, institutions and daily life matters. Different possibilities and creative methods related to the use of tablets, educational software and the Internet will be explored and implemented in nine Italian dioceses. In this way, young refugees will get a chance to improve their Italian language skills, get better access to educational measures, labor market opportunities and meaningful leisure time activities.

Citizenship and language courses for young refugees and migrants

The citizenship workshops and language courses are focusing on relevant topics determining successful integration in its different aspects, such as acquiring Italian language skills, job seeking online, finding adequate information on educational opportunities or state institutions, NGOs and other support networks. Using modern technologies makes these measures more attractive, quick and effective, especially for illiterate or semi-literate foreigners. At the same time, these up-to-date measures help the target-groups to reflect their use of the internet and social media and to become more critical and selective internet users.

Day-to-day support in the integration process

In addition to formal workshops and trainings, the IT equipment provided within the project will be used by young refugees in the centers on a daily basis to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, e.g. through self-study of the Italian language, but also looking for a job or internship placement, finding an institution or organization running a vocational course, or a doctor if needed. Opportunities for social engagement, such as a membership in local cultural or sport associations as well as parishes can also be explored this way.

Migrant_Milan_2_c_Stefano_Schirato 1, Credit: Stefano Schirato © Stefano Schirato

Support by Volunteers

Linking young refugees to the local communities plays a key role in their integration process. Therefore, local volunteers are involved in assisting young refugees e.g. to improve their computer and Italian skills, search online for jobs, trainings or internship opportunities or prepare job applications. In addition, they serve as positive role models and a source of motivation highly needed by the young people who found themselves in a new and difficult environment.

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